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Bill Maher

The famous Bill Maher is whom this strain is named after. He raises his voice on the idea of wanting to legalize marijuana, which is now happening. And this strain contributes to his persistence. This strain’s genetics are from crossing LA Confidential, and Jack Herer then crossed it with F1. 

Flavor and Effects of Bill Maher

This strain will give the sweet taste with the pinch of skunk as the flavor. Using this strain will inspire your state of mind and gives you joy as the euphoric level keeps on expanding. This strain will unwind the imagination. This also presents an extraordinary wining that won’t tire you out. You may also feel aroused that you may want to have fun together with your partner. 

Medical Benefits of Bill Maher

Stress and depression will be easily cured by using this strain. Like how funny or warm Bill Maher’s TV show back in the days, this will also bring your thought in pleasing and warm moments. Likewise, it can also address torment in the body, namely muscle cramps, spasms, fatigue, and inflammation. 

Negative Effects of Bill Maher

Taking this strain would convey your mouth and eyes in dryness. Every so often, headache, dizziness, and anxiety might be experienced when using too much of this.

Growing Bill Maher 

In a warm and sunny atmosphere, this strain will give the best stature. In a controlled environment, this strain gives its best yield. Additionally, this ought to be developed in a place where no pest can infiltrate the plants. Indoor or outdoor growth can be applied to this strain. 

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