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Bilbos Candy

The genetics of this strain comes from crossing three strains. Super Silver Haze being crossed with Alpha Diesel then crossed to RPCG. Bilbos Candy will awe your eyes as this came in different colors and partnered with an amazing fragrance. By this strain’s unique properties, you can enjoy it to the fullest level.           

Flavor and Effects of Bilbos Candy

Bilbos Candy will initiate the sweet, grape, sour, citrus, and orange hints in flavors. Your spirit will be lifted and build as the first effect of this strain. Your body will then enter the realm of relaxation. But before it arrives on that, it will draw first your creativity and ability to associate with people. 

Medical Benefits of Bilbos Candy

Medication for anxiety, depression, and stress this strain is made up of. Agonies like torment in the back, inflammations, and cramps will be taken down as you will take this strain. And with a precise dose, it will defeat your insomnia and provide sleepiness. 

Negative Effects of Bilbos Candy

The drying of your mouth and eyes might be profoundly felt after taking this strain. If you’re a new user, the feeling of migraine and paranoia will occur on you.

Growing Bilbos Candy 

In an indoor or outdoor place, this strain can be grown. The hydroponic method should be applied for cleaner buds and not delay its growth. The medium to be used should be soil and organic fertilizers to help the plant get more nutrients. Humidity should be best observed, not to let the leaves colors will change.

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