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It is a cross between Green Crush and Kong developed by Sterquiliniis. Green Crush was made as an auto-flowering version of Green Crack. Kong has dense buds and it is considered one of the most overwhelmingly intense strains. It smells nice and not pungent compared with the usual aroma from marijuana. Untrained nose won’t be able to detect this as what it is. 

The buds are not too dense as they can be fluffy and light. But it will be a great strain when you don’t want to be obvious that you have weed with you. 

Flavor and Effects of Bigfoot

It has a smoky flavor that you can also think of Hickory Smoked barbecue. You can detect sweetness and vanilla on the exhale. It delivers a mellow high that both affect the body and mind. But you would remain functional so you can still get things done. It’s a creeper and it might not intense for consumers who have high tolerance but the effects can stay in your system for a long time. 

Medical Benefits of Bigfoot

It can provide relief for mental ailments as well as any type of pain or aches. It can also be a remedy for insomnia.

Negative Effects of Bigfoot

This weed’s minor negative effects are dry mouth and red, irritated eyes. You can avoid this by drinking a lot of water.

Growing Bigfoot

Though you can cultivate it outdoors, indoor plantation is highly recommended for aspiring growers of this weed. Soil medium is fine but the hydroponic system is recognized to ensure high yield. Make sure you provide your growing room with proper ventilation and lights. Know more about nutrients and there are instructions written on their labels. 

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