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Big Trip

Family Ganjah worked hard to stabilize this hybrid strain by using the popular Northern Light. It is then combined with a strain from Skunk Family. The compact buds have a strong narcotic effect. Experience smokers would love this strain for sure. It has a unique aroma and taste. 

It’s also a great variety when it comes to its growing profile. It has a shorter flowering time but it can still produce a decent yield. 

Flavor and Effects of Big Trip

The flavor of this weed is a blend of cinnamon and lemon. It’s powerful and psychoactive. The effects will depend on your mood. It can also put you into relaxation and it can make you feel sleepy. But it won’t knock you down right away. 

Medical Benefits of Big Trip

People who struggle with insomnia can have this weed a natural remedy. It can put to an end to their sleepless nights. It can lower the intensity of the symptoms released by mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Negative Effects of Big Trip

It gives its users dry mouth and irritated eyes. They can be easily dissolved by drinking a lot of water. 

Growing Big Trip

This plant can thrive both outdoors and indoors. It grows large branches when grown outdoors as these parts will allow the growth of hundreds of resinous buds. Be careful when feeding it as it is sensitive to nutrient intake. Growers should learn about nutrients for every growth stage. The three main nutrients are potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. 

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