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Big Sur Holy

It is a hybrid strain from Bodhi Seeds. The breeder has gained the seeds from his friend. It’s a rare strain that is a blast from the past. This strain has several phenotypes that can be the purple type, one with pink pistil or the Sativa variety. Its genetics came from the Big Sur mountains. 

You will be enthralled to see its colorful buds. The smell and taste are both pleasant too. It’s just a mild smoke so it’s great heavy coughers but be aware of its potency. 

Flavor and Effects of Big Sur Holy

Puffing this will introduce a sweet, citrusy taste. The aftertaste is spicy and piney with menthol tones so you can feel the coolness. It delivers a strong mental high but it won’t cripple you. You can be productive and has enough concentration to do your tasks.

Medical Benefits of Big Sur Holy

It can be a part of the treatment for epilepsy and seizures. It can lift the mood of individuals who struggle with depression and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Big Sur Holy

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the minor negative effects of this strain. Don’t go overboard with a high dosage as it can deliver pronounced effects.

Growing Big Sur Holy

It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It would be best to grow in an organic method. You can make your fertilizer through compost or vermicompost. You won’t worry too much about nutrients that your plant needs.