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Big Sur Holy Bud

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Proudly bred by Bodhi Seeds, Big Sur Holy Bud is a classic and old-school strain with a mysterious origin. According to its breeders, Big Sur Holy Bud’s seeds were just given to them an old friend who happens to grow in Big Sur. There are speculations that it could be an offspring of either Zacatecas Purple or Afghani Skunk. This sativa dominant strain contains 70% sativa and 30% indica genes. It produces huge green buds with colorful hairs that range from orange, red, purple and pink. It smells of menthol and herbs with the fruity sweetness of blueberry.

Flavor and Effects of Big Sur Holy Bud

Big Sur Holy Bud tastes sweet with hints of blueberry and citrus, but it is also cool to the tongue and throat due to menthol, piney and spicy aftertaste. This strain’s potency will catch you off guard as it hits right away. It delivers a clear-headed high which induces an abundant flow of creative juices. After smothering your head with creativity, it will put you in a euphoric and active state, with the energy to be able to achieve the creative tasks you have. Focus and concentration are also increased.

Medical Benefits of Big Sur Holy Bud

The above effects of Big Sur Holy Bud establish its image as a highly recommended strain for those with anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD and bipolar disorder. The energizing and clear-headed buzz can pull out these patients from the dark shadows of sadness. It is also prescribed to put seizures under control for epilepsy patients. ADD and ADHD patients who are having issues focusing can benefit from  the strain’s ability to increase focus and concentration.

Negative Effects of Big Sur Holy Bud

Depending on the dosages taken, Big Sur Holy Bud can either bring the best therapeutic effects or side effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, migraine and anxiety.

Growing Big Sur Holy Bud Some information and Tips

To grow Big Sur Holy Bud, you may employ Sea of Green techniques or hydroponics. Pruning and trellising will help to maintain its height, and also to ensure adequate light and air circulates around the plant well. Never overwater to avoid risks of powdery mildew or molds.