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Big Smooth

Big Smooth

This flavorful hybrid strain is developed by Exotic Genetix based in the state of Washington. The unique blend of OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream is addictive to most cannabis enthusiasts. Who can resist an unforgettable euphoric high Newbies should be cautious in smoking this one. The delightful components of sweet blueberry pancakes beguile some users from its strong potency.

It has dense and furry buds that are accented with fine layers of trichomes and dark pistils. It grows as a bushy plant in medium height. If you want to break free from stress, it can be your chum over a lazy weekend. It can also help you from clearing your mind to start anew for the next day.

Smokers will surely include this as one of their favorites. They will come back for more of this weed. Happy relaxation increases over time. Continuous use makes you feel at home with its potency. It is recommended to puff on this during evening and night time.

Flavor and Effects of Big Smooth

This bud releases the flavor and aroma of a pancake. It contains the taste of blueberry, vanilla, and nuts. Aside from its flavor, it’s also great in enhancing one’s mood. Smokers are inclined to have a positive mood. Laughter is the best medicine alongside with the giggles.

The euphoria that it gives is accompanied by a relaxing balm. Consumers would perfect the enjoyable high as they continuously use this weed.

Medical Benefits of Big Smooth

It has middleweight sedative ability, so it’s given to people who are exhausted. It is also a pain reliever that ceases migraines and headaches. Furthermore, it tempers muscle spasms and minor pain and aches. This strain is also used as a medication for those who have a mood swing.

It can be one of the items in your medicine cabinet in case mental concerns occur.

Negative Effects of Big Smooth

There’s no difference in smoking this weed. You’ll get dry eyes and mouth as the aftereffect. You only need to hydrate yourself with a generous amount of water. Observe the right dosage to avoid dizziness. This is not fit for amateurs as the potency is heavy.

Growing Big Smooth

If you’re an impatient grower, this weed will not let you struggle to wait for the harvest time. It quickly matures and imparts its yield in the shortest period of 7 weeks. It can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

When growing this plant outdoors, you should keep in mind that it needs a warm climate. When you have limited space, indoor growth is also possible. It can manage to develop as it usually grows in medium size. You must pick and install the appropriate lighting system. The right temperature and humidity are necessary to maintain its health.

Best Place To Buy Big Smooth

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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