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Big Skunk x Stardawg

This hybrid strain was developed from the genetics of Stardawg and Big Skunk. Stardawg’s buds are like shimmering thing because of its sparkling, crystal trichomes. Big Skunk can be proud of its vigor and decent yield of buds covered in excellent resin. Virgin Seeds developed this combination of outstanding parents. 

It can be smoked during the day and in the evening. It’s one of the new strains that shouldn’t miss trying. 

Flavor and Effects of Big Skunk x Stardawg

The flavor of this strain is consists of earthy and diesel tones. The onset of the effect is a cerebral buzz. It’s great for starting your day as you will feel energetic and motivated. It is a weed that can help you conquer your day. 

Medical Benefits of Big Skunk x Stardawg

It is included in the treatment of mental disorders like stress and depression. It can alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue. It helps people to be free from insomnia as it can lead them to an easy way to get quality and adequate sleep. 

Negative Effects of Big Skunk x Stardawg

This strain gives itchy eyes and dry mouth to its consumers. They are minor adverse effects that can be reversed by drinking a lot of water. It’s best to stay on the dose that you can handle so there will be no pronounced negative effects.

Growing Big Skunk x Stardawg

It can flourish within outdoor and indoor plantation. It must be fed the right amount of nutrients. Avoid overwatering or overfeeding marijuana plants. Growers are required to do regular monitor. 

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