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Big Red

Strawberry Cough is seen as having a lot of potential due to its potency, sturdiness and pleasant taste. This strain was crossed to Killa Watt to have the existence of Big Red. It grows into a little, sexy plant with a nice scent of herbs and berries. The leaf growth is astounding too. Everything is done by Seedism Seed.

It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid that is ideal for daytime use. You can’t undermine its potency especially if your tolerance is not quite established. But it has a stimulating effect as it has a low amount of CBD.

Flavor and Effects of Big Red

This weed is refreshing as it has a fruity taste enhanced by the creaminess and more berry sweetness. Its strong effect is calming, although it’s more of Sativa. It’s stimulating and it fuels your motivation so it’s an ideal daytime strain. It will help you seize the day with a positive perspective. 

Medical Benefits of Big Red

It can provide relief for people who suffer from pain or mental ailments like depression, anxiety, stress and many more. It will help you to get away from undesirable symptoms. 

Negative Effects of Big Red

Dry mouth and itchy eyes are the usual side effects that can be easily eliminated by drinking a lot of water. Pronounced negative effects may arise as you will be overwhelmed by the dose that is not compatible with your tolerance.

Growing Big Red

It can thrive both outdoors and indoors. It develops long branches and it doesn’t need to stay in the vegetative stage for a long time. It must be provided a support system during flowering time.

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