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Big Lavender

Smelling this weed is irresistible as it is one aromatic strain. It feels like you’re in the midst of a Mediterranean forest as there is a scent from thyme, lavender, rosemary and pine. It also reminds you of some herbal medicine. It owes its genetics from poly hybrid strain Lavender and Black Domina. It comes from the finest Indica and Afghani landrace. 

It’s the best choice when you prefer to smoke marijuana at the end of the day or in the evening and at night. Thanks to the idea and effort of B.I.G. Seeds as you can use this to comfort you as well as adding this to the treatment of some health conditions.

Flavor and Effects of Big Lavender

Aside from its amazing smell, it has a sweet and floral flavor. It has the Indica effect that can calm and put you in relaxation. It can be intense as it is a powerful variety. It might take you to sleep or leave you couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Big Lavender

This strain has analgesic properties and tranquilizing effects. So it can relieve pain or aches, spasms, muscle tension and even fatigue. It can alleviate the symptoms of mental disorders.

Negative Effects of Big Lavender

It leaves its consumers with cottonmouth and dry eyes. They can easily be dispelled by hydrating yourself so you retain moisture in your body.

Growing Big Lavender 

It can flourish within indoor and outdoor cultivation. It develops hard and heavy buds in columnar growth. Low-stress training and topping can contribute to its growth and development. Proper administration of nutrients and correct watering schedules are essential for marijuana plants. Growers should keep an eye on them.

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