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Big Kahuna

Soma Seeds picked Big Bud and Skunk #1 to parent this Indica-leaning hybrid strain. It gives a mellow high which many would enjoy for recreational use. It’s also functional in medical applications. It can melt the pain away. It can be consumed during the day and in the evening.

Beginners can handle its growth. It’s not a branchy plant and it has a huge top bud. It grows oversized buds that will tickle your nostrils and taste buds and would make you feel you want to have this weed all over again. 

Flavor and Effects of Big Kahuna

The flavor of this strain is a blend of tropical and spicy taste enhanced by skunk and dank. The onset of the effect gets into your system slowly and smoothly. It enhances your mood and gives you the muzzy kind of happiness.

Medical Benefits of Big Kahuna

It can alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, ADD, depression and stress. It has properties that it can be used to combat pain like headaches and other chronic type that a patient can experience from diseases and therapy.

Negative Effects of Big Kahuna

Expect dry mouth and red, irritated eyes as side effects of this weed. They are just minor negative effects that can easily be eliminated by drinking a lot of water. You must retain moisture in your body.

Growing Big Kahuna

It is best to grow it indoors and it flourishes well with good ventilation. It’s a way of protecting it from molds. It can be too skunky so you need to get an odor filter system.