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Big Island Poison

This strain is not harmful as it has the word €˜poison’ on its name. Its function is the opposite as it can be medication and it earned the other name €˜Big Island Machine’. It came from Hawaii and the locals from there give its nickname. Its profile is a mixture of infamous landrace Sativa which are Durban Poison and Kuna Gold. Several F1 tests were done before stabilizing this hybrid strain.

Breeders found out that the genetics of Hawaiian bloodline and The Blood remains. So people who want to get high and be medicated should get this strain once they can.

Flavor and Effects of Big Island Poison

It’s a sweet and fruity strain. But this pleasant taste will take you high. It can motivate you in conquering your day. You will be in a good mood even if you have many undertakings for the day. 

Medical Benefits of Big Island Poison

Its medical use is due to its high THC and THCv. It can pacify the symptoms of mental disorders like stress, anxiety, and depression. It can take patients to a haven of relief where negative thoughts and emotional distress don’t exist.

Negative Effects of Big Island Poison

Red, itchy eyes and dry mouth are the minor adverse effects of this strain and other kinds of marijuana. 

Growing Big Island Poison

It can grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. You have to equip your grow tent with an efficient lighting system and ventilation. The right amount of nutrients and proper watering schedule should be observed. Your plants should be protected from molds, diseases, and pests.

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