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Big Freeze

With the name Big Freeze, this strain freezes your eyes as this brings dense he buds that covered in frost like a freezing place. This comes from crossing the BigHead #1 and White Knuckle SC. Big Freeze cannabis strain is from British Columbia by the Big Head Seeds. 

 Flavor and Effects of Big Freeze

 The hints of vanilla, earth, fruit, and sweet undertones this strain brings in its flavor. This strain will execute your minds in artsy and logical thinking. It will draw you hungry at some point and may induce couch-locked. The feeling of arousal may also occur.

 Medical Benefits of Big Freeze

 Big Freeze marijuana strain will mend conditions like stress and depression as this elevates euphoria and sends more positive thoughts. Likewise, this strain is best on facilitating bodily pains like muscle fits or spasms, inflammation, or any sort of fatigue. Insomnia and loss of appetite can also be cured by this strain.

 Negative Effects of Big Freeze

 Regardless of whether you are a seasoned consumer or not, you will still experience the drying of mouth and eyes. But, once you’ve had enough of this but take more then you may experience headache, migraine, or paranoia. 

 Growing Big Freeze 

If you wanted to develop this strain you must have a warm temperature in its growing setting. An indoor or outdoor setting with proper humidity must also be placed. Additionally, you must utilize soil as a medium on growing this. Organic fertilizers are encouraged to bring out the best aroma and flavor.