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Big Easy Auto

Big Easy Auto cannabis strain is one of the auto-flowering strains in the 3rd Generation. It was created by the Freedom Seeds. The parentage of this strain is not given within the textbooks and the internet. Though it is in some kind of secrecy its impact is never in secret. 

 Flavor and Effects of Big Easy Auto

 The sweet taste of Big Easy Auto strain will make you more of this strain. Your spirit will be uplifted once you take this strain. The idea of creative and analytic thinking would be tapping by the chemicals this strain has. The feeling of relaxation will be at hand and it will place you in your bed with no care about the world as you wanted to fall asleep.

 Medical Benefits of Big Easy Auto

 The soothing effects of this strain will bring remedies on to conditions like depression, anxiousness, stress, paranoia, PTSD, and mood disorders. Bodily pains like cramps, muscle spasms, inflammation, and fatigue would also be healed. Insomnia will never keep you up again as this easily lets you in dreamland. 

 Negative Effects of Big Easy Auto

 Your mouth will become cottony and your eyes will dry when you take this strain. Headache and paranoia will happen when using in high dosage.

 Growing Big Easy Auto 

In a warm setting, this cannabis strain should be grown. The indoor or outdoor setting must be spacey as this strain will take up much space when it grows. You are encouraged to use fertilizers when cultivating this to help the strain bring out more of its aroma and yield.

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