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Big Dick Cheney Aka Trill OG

Big Dick Cheney (Aka: Trill OG)

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Big Dick Cheney (Aka Trill OG) is a super balanced cannabis strain from the Nerds Genetics which is its breeder. The crossing of Sour Strawberry with Lemon G Ohio Cut is this strain’s parentage. The icy or frosty in all over this strain’s body you can expect of.

 Flavor and Effects of Big Dick Cheney (Aka Trill OG)

This marijuana strain’s parents are the best carrier of the lemony taste, and so this strain also brings out that lemony taste but with a twist as the Kushy-like flavor is added. The cerebral buzz would be present in the very first few minutes upon taking this strain. Your mind will feel happy and your body will feel relaxed at the same time.

 Medical Benefits of Big Dick Cheney (Aka Trill OG)

Bipolar disorder or moods that never align in one piece would be solved by taking this strain. Great medication for depression, stress, and mood disorder this strain is. Bodily pains like chronic pain and cramps will be toned down by this. Insomnia will also be cured by taking this strain.

 Negative Effects of Big Dick Cheney (Aka Trill OG)

You can feel the drying of your mouth and eyes as you had this strain. The feeling of paranoia and dizziness will happen if you are a first-timer in using or had a huge amount of it.

 Growing Big Dick Cheney (Aka Trill OG)

Big Dick Cheney (Aka Trill OG) strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. Your best care should have opted while growing this strain. And that would be keeping this strain away from pest, disease, and drastic change in the room temperature and humidity levels should be at a proper level to not kill the strain.

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