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Big Bull

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It is a three-way cross between Black Domina, Skunk, and Early Pearl that was developed by Kannabia Seed Company. It has a highly addictive floral scent and nice flavor. It won the second place award under the category of Best Indica Seed in Treat Yourself Expo in Toronto last 2012. This bud is the pick of smokers who depend on Cannabis for relaxation.

Flavor and Effects of Big Bull

This strain tastes like delicious flowers with tones of sweetness. It provides relaxing and arousing effects, and it can assist you in meditative activities when you try to have spiritual exercises or do yoga. It gives tingles that would lead to hunger, and it can help you gain more rest.

Medical Benefits of Big Bull

Cancer patients lost their appetite from the heavy impact of their therapies. So this strain will help them to have a normal diet by inducing hunger. Its effects are great for the body, and muscles as relaxation are provided. It’s also perfect for eliminating anxiety and depression. This strain can provide the needed relaxation that can treat conditions that both trigger the body and the mind.

Negative Effects of Big Bull

Dry mouth or cottonmouth is the expected side effect of this weed.

Growing Big Bull

It is perfect for outdoor cultivation so it can be a great addition to your home garden. But you might want to control its height, and it grows stalky too, so you have to prepare enough space for its growth. It is highly resistant to pests, mildew, and mold. When it’s grown indoors, make sure you nourish it with the right amount of nutrients, humidity, temperature and fair distribution of light.