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Big Bud XXL Automatic

This powerful hybrid came as feminized seeds and was first bred by zambeza seedling company, and it has lesser sedating effect as it offers more of a medicinal effect because of its Terpene profile, which is rich in pinene and limonene.

With its different variations of phenotypes, which are mostly; heavily branched conic specimens, its buds have a hue of yellow, green with candy-like pink hairs and have skunk origin. It has a sweet and earthy aroma with a milky smoke. Produces curly leaves when properly cured.

Flavor and Effects of the Big Bud XXL Automatic

The Big Bud XXL Automatic strain has a fruity, pine, and citrus flavor. It is very good for energizing, relaxing and uplifting, euphoric effect, and at the same time, helps to enhance concentration. A bunch of sedative effects is expected when this hybrid is consumed in a great dose.

Medical Benefits of the Big Bud XXL Automatic

Known for its great medicinal potent to cure migraine, bipolar, post-chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea. This hybrid strain is very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, Asthma, anxiety, movement disorder, insomnia, and depression.

Negative Effects of the Big Bud XXL Automatic

This strain can cause the following health problems; dizziness, headache, dry-itchy eyes, and Sleeplessness.

Growing the Big Bud XXL Automatic

This hybrid will leave you with a very high quantity of yield and It can be grown both indoors due to its sensitivity to weather. It requires good lighting and normal to average humidity and soil pH-level For optimal growth.

As a grower, you might as well pay attention to checkmate the attacks of pests on the hybrid strain. In case of growing the strain in sunny weather, watering should be done at least daily. Fertilizer applications can also be used to achieve the maximum yield.

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