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Big Bomb

Big Bomb

This hybrid strain from the Netherlands is a cross between Bomb#1 and Big Bud. It is deemed to be powerful even though it has low potency. Cannabis lovers know how rare it is. So if you want to ease things out after a long day, it would help you as it really works like a bomb.

Flavor and Effects of Big Bomb

It possesses musky scent with the presence of spice that has some sourness in it. This dank strain suits you if you love savory aroma and flavor.

The effect comes like a bomb that has just exploded. It kicks into your system right away and remains for several hours. You will feel that you have total control of your faculties as you stay calm and cool. There will be tingles from head to toe as it takes you to euphoria then into slumber.

Medical Benefits of the Big Bomb

It can fight depression and anxiety as the effects take place quickly. It provides numbness for those who are in pain. It can bring sleepiness to calm the insomniacs. When you’re appetite fails you, you can take this before dinnertime.

Negative Effects of Big Bomb

It has common side effects, which are dry mouth and eyes. Users who can’t tolerate the potency might experience dizziness and headache.

Growing Big Bomb

This strain can give you high yields, both indoor and outdoor plantation. It’s easy for beginners to plant this even inside their houses. But it has a skunky aroma that you have to think about how you can keep it away from the knowledge of others.