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Big Amnesia

This strain has a terpene feature that blends with its pungent and complex aromas and has curly leaves if cure properly with whitish trichomes. 

This strain has various phenotypes of which have heavy conical branches and originated from, Indiana, united states. With its deep taproot and short sized stem features, growers of this strain need not worry about the summer/dry season. The breaking open of its buds will give sweet hash scents.

Flavor and Effects of the Big Amnesia strain

An excellent bodily and mood-related illnesses enhancer, this cannabis will help you stay strong all with enough strength and its soothing and relaxing effects will leave you sleeping like a baby all day without worries. It has pine, berry, fruity and citrus flavours. This strain enhances concentration and energizes you to get any task presented to you do. This weed will offer you are a happy, euphoric, and uplifting effect to stay on top of your game. 

Medical Benefits of the Big Amnesia strain

People with sleeping problems like insomnia, eating disorders, migraine, ache and mild to severe pain will find this strain helpful. This weed has great medical potency in the treatment of mood illnesses like bipolar, anxiety, depression and chronic stress. It is also very effective in managing panic-related symptoms.

Negative Effects of Big Amnesia strain

This cannabis can cause dizziness, nausea, restlessness, fever, high blood, developing paranoia, and dry mouth. An increased dose of this strain might lead to mild to severe paralysis.

Growing Big Amnesia strain 

When the soil is not fertile enough to give great yield, fertilizer may be applied to enhance the soil for the best yield. It grows very fast, but don’t forget that its planting method will present you with difficulty. Watering should be done at least thrice a week to make sure that the soil is not too hard. To get the best growth of this strain, good lighting and normal to average humidity are recommended. Flowering and Harvesting starts from 7 to 9 weeks of initial planting.

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