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Best Mango

The crossing between OG Kush and Durban Poison will produce this strain. Breeders suggested that its phenotypes are that of legendary GSC strain and have hues of dark-green, pink, and yellow with a huge crystal coating underneath. Just as its names, it is one of the best hybrids from the mango family strain.

 A well-known indica and Sativa hybrid (having two origins) it’s a good sort after cannabis by weed lovers. It has a long stem and sticky, thick and resinous buds with leaves having a curly structure when cured. This strain will present you with skunk aroma and spicy, creamy finishing.

Flavor and Effects of the Best Mango

You will be left with a sharp effect from this strain immediately after your last exhale and which will leave you hyper for the rest of the day feeling like a workaholic. It will offer you a euphoric and energetic effect needed for the daily workload. Expect euphoric, uplifting and energetic effects from this hybrid cannabis. You will feel creative after consuming this weed. This strain has an earthy, sweet, nutty, blueberry, diesel and skunk flavour.

Medical Benefits of the Best Mango

Known to be very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, Asthma, nausea, vomiting, spasticity, and movement disorder. It also has the medicinal potential to cure sexually related sickness such as low sperm count and low sex drive. Its combination of sativa and indica makes it very effective in curing eating disorders like anorexia, loss of appetite and cachexia.

 Negative Effects of the Best Mango

The Best Mango strain can cause the following ill health; dry-itchy eyes, eating disorder and. It can also cause dry mouth, paranoid, restlessness, headache, high fever, high blood pressure, and dizziness due to its high THC and CBD content.

Growing the Best Mango 

The Best Mango can grow well if planted indoors or outdoors. Its strain requires good lighting, good weather, and soil pH for the best growth. Watering should be done at least thrice a day from the first to the fourth week of growing this strain. This strain requires a special type of fertilizer for its best growth and yield. 

Attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests. Flowering and possibly harvesting is usually from the 7 to 9 weeks after the planting period. You should expect large from this hybrid strain.