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The lineage of this hybrid until now remains unknown but some breeders attributed its creation by crossing Chemdawg with Super skunk. First bred by canna genetics, its a sativa dominant This powerful strain was first bred by Canna Genetics, and it is a Sativa dominant strain.

 This hybrid is one the few strains having wide varieties of phenotypes of which breeders suggest that when this strain is crossed bred with another strain (especially an Indica dominant strain), it will produce heavily branched conic specimens. The breaking of its buds will offer you sweet scents.

 Flavor and Effects of The Beso

Expect a creative mind after consuming this cannabis which will help you to think creatively. Perfect flavours to expect from this hybrid are tropical-fruit. Just a first exhale of this strain will make you start to feel like you are on top of the world with energy and motivation to get any work done. However, be warned you will experience sedative effects from this strain. 

 Medical Benefits of The Beso

Very famous for its great medicinal potency to cure AIDS-related illness, bodily illness such as arthritis, muscle spasm, and insomnia. Patients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue will value this hybrid. 

Negative Effects of The Beso

Expect the following negative effect from this marijuana: dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes. Also, the development of paranoia, headaches, restlessness, high fever, high blood pressure, dizziness, and mild and moderate paralysis are side effects of this strain.

Growing The Beso 

Expect a difficult growing method from this hybrid. For an improved yield of this strain, it is advisable to grow it indoors and depending on the soil, fertilizer might be used to enhance yield. Flowering and harvesting usually start from 7 to 9 weeks after planting. Daily checking to monitor pests attack is advised.