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Bertberry Cheesecake

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Bertberry Cheesecake delivers effects and scent as mouth-watering as its name. It smells literally like a cheesecake: cheesy, sweet and berry. Brought into existence by crossing flavorful and powerful UK Cheese and Alien Moonshine, Bertberry Cheesecake produces round bright green nugs covered with beautiful orange hairs.

Flavor and Effects of Bertberry Cheesecake

Bertberry Cheesecake is a delicious mixture of cheese, strawberry, spiciness, citrus, and milk. Bertberry Cheesecake can give you a smooth high which delivers a clear mind and body unwinding. It is best for individuals who needed a kick in focus and concentration. The clear-headed buzz sweeps all unnecessary thoughts to make way for energy and creativity. After refreshing your mind, it will proceed in refreshing your whole body by relaxing any pain or tension.

Medical Benefits of Bertberry Cheesecake

Because of Bertberry Cheesecake’s ability to invigorate the user’s psyche, it is highly recommended for those who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress, especially illnesses such as PTSD and bipolar disorder. The potency of the strain can definitely kick away the feeling of being down and trouble. It is also great for controlling or relieving the body of pains such as muscle pain, spasms, arthritis, migraine, back pain and neck pain. It will leave the body soothed and relaxed.

Negative Effects of Bertberry Cheesecake

We cannot really blame users from overindulging in Bertberry Cheesecake’s goodness, but anything done beyond moderation will cause painful consequences. Among these consequences are having a dry mouth, a painful, parched throat, and dry eyes. Some users have also reported being in a state of anxiety, paranoia, and hallucination. As always advised, have refreshments nearby and never smoke beyond your tolerance.

Growing Bertberry Cheesecake Some information and Tips

With its sativa qualities, Bertberry Cheesecake is expected to grow tall. For the plant to maintain a good stature and good circulation of air and light, experienced growers recommend topping it. The temperature should be maintained at around 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit as well. Compost tea will also do good for increased yields.