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SnowHigh Seeds made an uber strong Indica hybrid that you want to indulge in if you have a high tolerance. It is shown in its dense, resinous buds. Its traits won’t be questioned as it is made of Thor Hammer, a strain with highly resinous large colas and Skywalker OG, an excellent OG Kush weed. Cannabis connoisseurs are impressed with the sticky, stinky and extremely potent flowers. 

It is best consumed in the evening either for recreation and medication. This weed is every grower’s dream. 

Flavor and Effects of Berserker

Its flavor has several elements such as fuel, lemon, lemonade, sour, sweet and toasted caramel. The euphoric high will hit you right away and in a hard way so consumers with low tolerance should be very careful. It has a long-lasting effect that would blanket both your mind and body with comfort and happiness.

Medical Benefits of Berserker

It handles sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings, and other mental conditions. Therefore, it can cure insomnia as it would make falling asleep easy for you. Pain and aches that can be temporary or chronic will be dissolved. 

Negative Effects of Berserker

Users are prone to dry mouth and bloodshot eyes as weed can cause dehydration. There will be pronounced effects when you take a dosage that you can’t handle.

Growing Berserker

This modern hybrid can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. It prefers soil medium and you can start with the enriched type so you don’t have to worry about nutrients. Water the plants in the correct water to avoid root rot.