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Berserk WFA

It is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that was created out of the parents in the same variety. Berserker and White Fire Alien have paired up to make this strain. Berserker is proud of its potency while white Fire Alien produces nugs with an ample amount of resin. So you should be wise in taking this strain to not include pronounced side effects in your smoking experience.

Treeology Genetics worked hard to bring out the kush elements in this strain. Growers will be interested in growing it as it is a heavy yielder.

Flavor and Effects of Berserk WFA

This weed is sweet and kushy. It would immediately hit your body and mind with euphoria. It would last for quite some time but you will be filled with happiness and comfort. Just make sure you have enough tolerance to handle them all. The effects may vary on how you can carry on with its impact.

 Medical Benefits of Berserk WFA

It has abilities in calming people who have mood swings, anxiety, stress, and depression. It can dissolve pain or ache that can be caused by injuries and diseases. You can overcome insomnia by just consuming this weed. You can go to Dreamland with much ease and say goodbye to sleepless nights.

 Negative Effects of Berserk WFA

You can expect to have cottonmouth and bloodshot, irritated eyes as marijuana can call forth dehydration. 

Growing Berserk WFA

Its cultivation can be done indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. You can have it in soil or set up a hydroponic system. You have to give the specific nutrients that every growth stage requires. Administer them properly and know the appropriate amount.