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Berserk WFA x Iris

Treeology Genetics used its creation to produce another hybrid strain. It is a blend of Berserk WFA and Iris which are both Indica. So it’s all about relaxation and calmness. The breeder aims to preserve OG kush genetics in hybrid. Veterans would love this strain as it has the taste of old school. 

You would also want to grow this weed as it can produce top-quality buds. With proper care and supervision, you’ll have a high yield that oozes with resin. 

Flavor and Effects of Berserk WFA x Iris

It has a classic taste of kush and pine. You will first feel the euphoria that will pump you up with energy and creativity. Once it fades away, a warm sensation will rush to every part of your body. You will be at ease as calmness and relaxation dominate your body and mind. You will be sedated and even couchlock.

 Medical Benefits of Berserk WFA x Iris

This strain can be used as a natural remedy for insomnia. It will help you gain enough sleep to recuperate. It gives its consumers temporary relief for stubborn pain or ache and mental ailments of mood-related conditions. It also manages to combat nausea and it can enhance a person’s appetite to get rid of any eating disorder.

 Negative Effects of Berserk WFA x Iris

Dry mouth and red, irritated eyes are the minor side effects that can be easily eliminated by drinking water.

Growing Berserk WFA x Iris

This weed flourishes indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. The finishing time will depend on the phenotype. Some need 63 days but others would take a few more. 

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