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Berserk Solo

It is a hybrid strain that is bred by Treeology Genetics. It is a blend of Berserker and Solo’s Stash. Berserker is an Indica variety that is highly aromatic and resinous. Solo’s Stash is a genetic remix of Snow Lotus and Bubba Kush that delivers an incredible euphoria. Berserker Solo turns out to be an Indica-leaning strain that is packed with flavor and potency.

It can release a serious punch so make sure you have the tolerance level to handle it. You can have it at the end of the day so you can get the relaxation that you need. 

Flavor and Effects of Berserker Solo

It will allow you to take the flavor of bubblegum, tropical and sweetness. You would feel a cerebral buzz immediately. It uplifts your mood and improves your perspective. The warm feeling will spread all over your body to inject Indica heaviness. You will all be comfortable in its sedation.

Medical Benefits of Berserker Solo

It can pacify the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings and other conditions related to mood and mental aspect. It handles pain and aches well so you can take a break from your suffering.

Negative Effects of Berserker Solo

Consumers will have dry eyes and dry mouth if they didn’t drink water or soda when smoking. You must retain moisture in your body to avoid these side effects.

Growing Berserker Solo

This plant can grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Choose the right and effective equipment when you have it indoors. Make sure it’s protected from harsh weather when they are planted outdoors. 

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