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Berserk OG #18 bx

It is a hybrid strain from Treeology Genetics. Backcrossing is the process used in the creation of this strain. The male and female Berserk OG #18 are joined together to create another one. The said strain has the genetics of Berserk and Og #18. It produces large spear with a nice flavor that is sought after by many Cannabis lovers these days. 

It also matures quickly so you can save time and produce more if you plan on cultivating this marijuana plant. 

What is the Flavor and Effects of Berserk OG #18 bx

The kushy flavor of this weed has heavy fruity undertones. Expect a mellow high as the onset of its effects. It will brighten your day as it gives you positivism. You will be more creative than before. Warm and soothing sensations come next as they are the components of its relaxing effect. 

Medical Benefits of Berserk OG #18 bx

It gives temporary relief for patients who are struggling with conditions that bring disarray in mood and mental state. Symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and mood swings are curbed. It alleviates pain or ache, cramps, inflammation, muscle spasms, and tension. 

Negative Effects of Berserk OG #18 bx

You can have dry mouth and red, irritated eyes from smoking weed. So drink water when in pot session. Be smart enough to just take the dose that you can handle so you won’t experience serious negative effects.

Growing Berserk OG #18 bx

This marijuana plant can be situated indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Make sure you feed and water it properly. You have to protect it from pests, molds, mildew, and pathogens that cause diseases. 

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