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Green Beanz Seeds bred this hybrid strain that produces buds in dark green and vivid blue shades. It is a pure Indica that has balanced effects. It is a wonderful strain as it came from two legendary parents, Blueberry and White Widow. It will make you experience euphoria and relaxation at the same time. 

It has a high level of THC so beginners should be mindful when taking this weed. While you enjoy its taste, you will be relieved from negative things. It works well as medication too. 

Flavor and Effects of BerryWhite

The flavor of this weed is composed of pine, floral, sourness, lemon, and unripe berries. It is a fast-hitting strain so you will immediately feel its relaxing effect. The warmth will spread to your whole body. After an hour, you will have meditative thoughts. Craving for munchies will arise while you start to feel couchlock.

 What are the Medical Genefits of BerryWhite

Its properties work with no failure in beating insomnia. It would also yield to chronic pain and the most stubborn ache. It can also handle mental ailments like anxiety, mood swings, stress, depression and minor cases of PTSD.

Negative Effects of BerryWhite 

Users might suffer from irritated eyes and dry mouth from smoking weed. They have to drink water or soda while smoking. Only take the dose that you can handle so there will be no pronounced adverse effects.

Growing BerryWhite

It can grow indoors and outdoors. You may have it in a greenhouse if you want to cultivate it in a more controlled environment. It should be protected from pests, molds, and diseases. Make sure that root rot and nutrient burn won’t get into it. 

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