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BerryWhite BX

The creation of this hybrid strain was unplanned by Green Beanz Seeds. It can be considered a beautiful accident. It was made out of F4 generation made by the breeder. It was a cross between BerryWhite F4 and Fire Alien Kush. The first crossing of these two strains was backcrossed with BerryWhite F4. 

So the BX on its name means backcross. You would want to share this weed with your fellow Cannabis lovers as it has great aroma and taste. It also finishes quickly. 

Flavor and Effects of BerryWhite BX

The flavor of this weed is sweet with the presence of skunk and mint. You will have a great experience with its euphoria as it will uplift your being. It can let you think of new ideas and improve creativity. It provides the kind of relaxation that you need when you’re stressed.

Medical Benefits of BerryWhite BX

It has abilities in blocking the most stubborn pain and persistent ache. It also gives temporary relief for mental conditions like stress, depression, PTSD, anxiety and mood swings. It can enhance appetite so you don’t have to worry about eating disorders. 

Negative Effects of BerryWhite BX

Users will experience having dry mouth and itchy eyes as weed bring dehydration. You have to drink plenty of water or fluids when consuming it. To be exempted from getting pronounced side effects, don’t take a dosage that you can’t handle.

Growing BerryWhite BX

Growers can place it outdoors or indoors. You can still have it in soil. But if you want better absorption, you have to set a hydroponic system. It should be monitored regularly. 

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