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Berry Surprise

It is an F1 hybrid of Berry Pie and auto-flowering strain namely Green Rasta. Berry Pie is an F4 generation hybrid that makes its consumer stoned without limping them. Green Rasta is an extremely potent auto strain that is usually used as a base for making a new strain. The breeder has first produced organic seeds of Berry Surprise that are round, dark and big. These seeds have signs of good health. 

It’s a very uniformed plant with lemony flavor. But if you ferment it, it would smell into overripe apples. 

Flavor and Effects of Berry Surprise

This weed has a fruity flavor with the burst of lemon. Its cerebral buzz is stimulating as it can spark off new ideas and creativity. Your outlook will be positive. Then when the effect focuses on the physical side, you will feel relaxed and comforted. There’s a possibility of being couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Berry Surprise

It can be a part of the treatment of mental or mood-related disorders like anxiety, mood swings, stress, depression, and PTSD. It can enhance your appetite so you will no longer struggle with eating disorders. It can also relieve you from pain or aches.

Negative Effects of Berry Surprise

It can give your red, itchy eyes and dry mouth. There will be pronounced negative effects if you take a dose that you can’t tolerate.

Growing Berry Surprise

It can be grown indoors and outdoors. You can directly plant the seeds to the soil or another growing medium. The germination therein will take 5 days. It will be the joy of most growers as it can give 75% female plants.