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Berry Skunk

Berry Skunk is balanced of indica and sativa genetics. The created a strain from crossing the Blueberry strain with Skunk strain. The result is a unique variation of strength and fine taste. Worthy of mentioning that the strain is a winner of numerous awards like the Best Hybrid of  High Times’ Cannabis Cup in the year 2012. Also, the Best Hybrid at the THC Championship in the year 2016. 

Flavor and Effects of Berry Skunk

As the name of the strain implies, it contains a sharp odor and taste of pungent with undertones of skunk and hues of berries. The citrus and lemon flavors is a perfume to your nose. The flavors also provide to the elaborateness of the effects of the strain. The beginning of effects is like a buzz with uplifting and delighted euphoria. At the same time, the cannabis strains swift away all muscle pain by providing relaxation without the harsh sedation. 

Medical Benefits of Berry Skunk

The strain is great in managing all the traces of pain and other psychological health conditions. The Berry Skunk can be considered as a decent therapeutic cannabis strain which composed of a high percentage of cannabinoid that is great in the treatment of depression and tension could be aided. 

Negative Effects of Berry Skunk

The Berry Skunk strain is a great strain yet with consequences as well. The usual effects of the strain are drying of the mouth and redness of the eyes. It can deliver anxiety, and dizziness can occur if consumed at a higher percentage. 

Growing Berry Skunk

The Berry Skunk can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It generates exceptionally high resins and grows colas with a berry scent. When developing indoors, the flowering period may only take eight weeks to happen, and you may anticipate a decent production. It is advantageous in indoor growing as it doesn’t thrive bigger.

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