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Berry OG Kush

Berry OG Kush is a hybrid of sativa and indica variety yet largely has indica genetics. The 710 Genetics created an Indica prominent hybrid from the crossbred of Blueberry and OG Kush strains. The result is a plant that produces high resins buds and compact. Physically, it has dark colors and robust structures. 

Flavor and Effects of Berry OG Kush

The Berry OG Kush strain has terpene that delivers a berry scent with a soft taste of sweet and fruity, which giving a lengthy notion on your senses. The effects are like an assortment of cognitive incitement and progress in personality that brings an extraordinary social attitude. That is why it is reasonable usage for celebrations and vibrant discussions. It can similarly be an incredible means to improve actions that encompass the mind and body. 

Medical Benefits of Berry OG Kush

The strain, Berry OG Kush, lends a delighted and euphoric buzz in the mind, which puts strongly on your eyes and giving you comfort and relaxation as you go on with your hits. 

Negative Effects of Berry OG Kush

The adverse consequences of the strain are usually common, like drying of the mouth and eyes. Further effects on the side may occur only when consumed at a quantity that is not able to tolerate by the body.

Growing Berry OG Kush

The cannabis plant is best cultivated in both indoor and outdoor growing area. However, when you decide on outdoor cultivation, it needs a constant condition, and the temperature should be within the estimated 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor thriving inclines more to be greatly convenient for numerous growers out there, as the cannabis plants will develop and grow into generally short and bushy.