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Berry Melange

Berry Melange is a hybrid from indica and sativa variety. The Humboldt Seed Organization created a strain from the combination of OG Kush / Afghan with SFV OG and Woody OG strains. It resulted in a plant that is elegant and uniform dense buds that are coated with a high amount of resins. It turns purple with the hue of black. 

Flavor and Effects of Berry Melange

The strain delivers an earthy with must aroma, which accompanied by an undertone of citrus flavor. When smoked, the strain may taste a bit spicy and a bit of hashy feeling even when it finishes off.  The high onsets on the head and make consumers perceive they are extra concentrated on the environment around. The change of the feelings may shortly provide a way to a widespread uplifting of the mood that evolves towards ultimate happiness.

Medical Benefits of Berry Melange

Berry Melange has been applied in the medical field as it can relieve any traces of uncertainty and depression by assisting medical consumers in having a better life. Several people have documented they experienced solace from the headaches and migraines they are suffering from. 

Negative Effects of Berry Melange

Similar to many strains of cannabis, the Berry Melange has the likelihood to create paranoia to the consumers when consumed at a higher dosage. Minimize the amount of the dosage to a percentage where you can tolerate the effects only. 

Growing Berry Melange

Berry Melange strain can be thrived both indoors and outdoors environments. When outdoor, the cultivation should expect to have constant temperatures of an estimated 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you have to provide an odor system or proper ventilation as the plant may produce a pungent smell in the growing area.