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Berry Breath 2.0

Berry Breath 2.0 is a hybrid of indica and sativa variety. The Matanuska Thunder Seeds created the strain by combining the Berry Breath with Grateful Breath strain. The plant has dense nugs in beautiful green color, with purple hues and hairs in amber. The trichomes are coated in amber color crystals. The strain has won as the Highest Scoring Flower and 1st place as Best Hybrid in the North West Cannabis Classic 2015. 

Flavor and Effects of Berry Breath 2.0

The strain is tremendously incredible in terms of flavors as it can deliver a delicious mixture of sweetness like a cookie, with undertones of nuts with bits of spiciness. The scent can be a bit fruity with mild tones of earthy and sugary.  The high of the strain is balanced and harmonious with the body and mind. It starts with the relaxation of the mind and eventually uplifts your mood and turns you into a euphoric state. It has a mellow, soothing experience that will not dominate your account but instead calm you down. 

Medical Benefits of Berry Breath 2.0

The strain will make you free from all the pain, and you will be comfortable with their lives. It could also make your anxiety and depression go away, leaving nothing but a happy smile on your face. 

Negative Effects of Berry Breath 2.0

The negative effects of the strain are usually drying of the mouth and eyes. This could further lead to the slight manifestation of paranoia and anxiety only when it is consumed at a larger dosage. 

Growing Berry Breath 2.0

The strain can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors and should be under hot and humid conditions. The plants, though, will most likely be small yet bushy. Usually, it is suggested to prune it from time to time to allow the light to penetrate the plants.

Best Place To Buy Berry Breath 2.0

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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