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Berry Bomb x POW33

As an Indica leaning strain, it has high THC and low CBD content. Its sweet berry aroma and taste shouldn’t be distinguished as all pleasantries as it is a very potent weed. Indica lovers would include this in their stash as it can deliver a strong hit. It’s an awesome strain for recreational purposes and an efficient medical aid.

It is the child of POW33 and Berry Bomb. It is a creation of NewGuy420 Seeds. 

Flavor and Effects of Berry Bomb x POW33

The flavor of this weed contains berry sweetness. It is a very potent strain but its heaviness unleashes happiness too. As you get high, you will tend to be talkative and giggle. Then, warmth will fill your body to relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Berry Bomb x POW33

It’s a great medical aid for treatments of some medical conditions. It can lower the intensity of pain so patients can be in a sanctuary of relief for some time. It is also used for managing the symptoms of mental illnesses like PTSD, stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of Berry Bomb x POW33

Consumers can have red, itchy eyes and cottonmouth feel. These are just minor side effects that can be reversed by hydrating oneself. 

Growing Berry Bomb x POW33

It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Many methods are acceptable for this plant such as topping, defoliation, SCROG, and LST. Both soil medium, coco coir or hydroponic system are applicable. Be specific and mindful when giving the plants its food and don’t overwater them.