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Berry Bomb Auto

It is one of the most popular strains made by Bomb Seeds. It’s an extremely fruity auto strain. It is a product of crossing a Ruderalis strain and Cherry Bomb. Connoisseurs would love this strain as well as growing it as it doesn’t need much time to finish. It can have a heavy yield of pretty purple and blue flowers that are frosted with trichomes. 

This weed can be used both daytime and evening time. The taste of this evenly-balanced hybrid would allure you for sure and you will keep coming back for more.

Flavor and Effects of Berry Bomb Auto

You will enjoy its syrupy berry sweetness. The high is well-rounded so it’s as pleasant as it tastes. The heady feeling will still imbue happiness in your being. The effects will crawl smoothly to your entire body. Negative vibes will no longer have space in your system.

Medical Benefits of Berry Bomb Auto

It can provide for people who are suffering from temporary or chronic pain and mental disorders like PTSD, stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Negative Effects of Berry Bomb Auto

It can leave you with dry mouth and red, irritated eyes. They are just minor negative effects and can easily be eliminated by hydrating yourself.

Growing Berry Bomb Auto

It can grow within the outdoor and indoor plantation. It thrives well in cooler climate as it is mold resistant. SCROG method is great for its growth and hardy nature. So beginners are welcome to cultivate this plant. Even though how sturdy it can be, growers should still monitor the plants regularly.

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