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Berries and Cream (Aka: Blue Diesel Colorado Cut)

It is also known as Blue Diesel Colorado Cut. It was bred and made by Colorado locals master growers from The Fire Department. It is the type of strain that can attract old-school aficionados. It is a unique strain that has the capacity and medical abilities that can pass a connoisseur’s standards. 

It bears elite genetics as it is from the blend of Deathstar and Whipped Cream. With its heavy effect, it’s best to have this weed in the evening. 

Flavor and Effects of Berries & Cream

The taste of this strain is akin to coffee shop weed and it has a sweet and berry flavor. The heavy high will take you to velvety sleepiness that is suitable for time that you badly need to relax. It can be felt after inhaling. Use this strain when you don’t have anything important to do. 

Medical Benefits of Berries & Cream 

It can handle tons of medical conditions. It can appease cramps, muscle tension and pain or ache that can be temporary or chronic. It can curb symptoms of anxiety and other mental illnesses. 

Negative Effects of Berries & Cream

Make sure you drink a lot of water to avoid dry eyes and cottonmouth feel. They are just minor adverse effects of marijuana consumption.

Growing Berries & Cream

This strain can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. It is a vigorous plant that has a high resistance to diseases and pests. You can supply CO2 in a growing room or tent to ensure high yield. An appropriate lighting system and ventilation will support the nourishment of your plants. Give them the right amount of water and nutrients. 

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