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For those who are looking for pure sativa, Berkeley is a potent sativa strain worth the try. The strain was named as such as it was believed to have been created by a Berkeley student, a high-status university located in California. Rumored to be the student’s entry for the school’s botany project, it is one great piece for a botanical garden not only for its recreational and medicinal uses but also for its promising flowering time. These features make it perfect for novice and experienced growers and smokers alike.

Flavor and Effects of Berkeley

Berkeley is a delectable mix of sweet lemon and citrus fruity flavors with a hint of earthy pine. Smoking Berkeley will leave you upbeat, elevated, on edge, fiery, and innovative. It’s a mind-boggling strain that gives you an energized Sativa buzz by clearing all the negative thoughts on your mind and enveloping your body in bliss. It can likewise level up your focus, make you giggly, improve your social skills, invigorate your body, and make you for the most part amiable.

Medical Benefits of Berkeley

Berkeley can be relied upon to treat body and mind pain and pressure. For anxiety, depression and stress patients, it helps them by erasing sad thoughts and feelings of helplessness. It also helps stimulate hunger for those struggling with appetite loss. The strain can likewise help with PTSD, headaches, sleep deprivation, and joint pain.

Negative Effects of Berkeley

Like most potent and promising strains, Berkeley can induce anxiety, headache, paranoia, dry eyes, and dry mouth. This can be easily avoided by having self-control so you can avoid overindulging. Having water nearby to rehydrate will also help.

Growing Berkeley

Growing Berkeley is really simple. You only have to follow the basics of growing marijuana. According to those who have grown it so far, you may try Sea of Green or Screen of Green method. Lighting should never go beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep humidity low and include basic nutrients in the soil.