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Bering Sea Blues

It is a versatile strain like the people who bravely pushed their way to the vast Bering Sea. It transformed into an Alaskan bush. This Indica leaning hybrid strain is developed by Baked Beans. It doesn’t smell like the sea but instead, it has a mild, sweet aroma. Growers will be amazed at the long and dense main cola that it can produce.

It’s great for recreational consumption due to its aroma and taste. It is also as efficient as medical marijuana. You can take it at the end of the day or at night to make the most of its relaxing effect. 

Flavor and Effects of Bering Sea Blues

The flavor is comprised of earthiness, berries, and sourness. It has the Indica warmth that will envelop your entire body. It can be sedative or even couch-lock. So consumers should be careful with the dosage that they take. It can also call the craving for munchies. So put some beside you.

Medical Benefits of Bering Sea Blues

It can be used for treating people who have appetite loss. This strain also helps people with insomnia. They will be able to sleep easily and soundly. It has properties to relieve the pain or ache that is felt in many parts of the body.

Negative Effects of Bering Sea Blues

This weed will let you have dry mouth and dry eyes as its minor adverse effects. 

Growing Bering Sea Blues

This weed can grow well both indoors and outdoors as well as in a greenhouse. Make sure you keep an eye on the plants. Provide them with the right amount and kind of nutrients.