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Cloud Hat of Abracadabra Beans made Bergamot or Bergy, a clone-only strain. It’s a hybrid strain of Afghani together with the dominant components of THC, which is the reason for its potency. It can be consumed both daytime and nighttime.

The buds of this are lime green with earthy undertones. They are caked with red hair and trichomes cover them.

Flavor and Effects of Bergamot

The strong essence of citrus is in its flavor. It will allow the user to experience mood blast up to reaching euphoria. It seems intense, but the effect is not overpowering.

It is capable of putting the user into deep relaxation. When it is consumed at night, it will give the user a good night’s sleep without any kind of nightmare that would interrupt your slumber.

Medical Benefits of Bergamot

It can be a sedative and pain reliever because of its analgesic properties. It can reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Negative Effects of Bergamot

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the usual side effects from strain, so this hybrid is not exempted. Some users may feel dizziness and headache.

Growing Bergamot

Novice growers can start their skills with this plant. It can even be cultivated in a cold-weather climate. SCROG method and other training set-ups can support their growth.

Most growers like this type because of its ease of growth and adaptability compared to others. Even beginners can get a good deal of yield from this for a start. Trimming and pruning enrich their growth. So it’s advisable to these procedures occasionally.

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