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It is a balanced hybrid strain from Bald Monkey. It is a cross between Maroc Inspiration and Flatland Basic. These genetics is originally from Morocco. Since it’s a balanced strain, the effect is also fairly distributed to the body and mind when consumed. You can have this weed during the day as it can keep you on track with the things that you need to do. 

It has a spicy and hashy smell. The buds from this weed have plenty of resin so it’s ideal for extraction. They are also very sticky. Growing this marijuana plant can reward you with this kind of production.

Flavor and Effects of Berberserker

It has a spicy flavor. It imparts a balanced high to its consumers so it can give you a cerebral buzz and relaxation throughout your body. It won’t alter your senses in its way in getting into your mind. It will neither get you stoned. It brings creativity, calmness, and euphoria that you can handle.

Medical Benefits of Berberserker

It has a numbing effect that can relieve you from temporary and chronic pain. Its effects include appetite gain so you don’t have to give up eating or struggle with an eating disorder. You can return to a normal eating habit.

Negative Effects of Berberserker

The minor side effects or this strain are dry mouth and slight anxiety. You should retain moisture in your body when smoking marijuana. 

Growing Berberserker

Growers can cultivate it indoors but it is highly recommended to plant it outdoors. It does very well when planted outside. But you have to do some training as it can stretch a lot. 

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