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Sativa covers most of the part of this hybrid strain together with Indica’s nice features. Paradise Seeds developed these growers’ favorites. Most growers fancy this because the flowering time comes quickly. The name is derived from its attractive appearance that consists of dark olive and rich purple tones.

Flavor and Effects of Belladonna

The flavor is composed of earthy essence on top of its fruity taste. When it is smoked in a joint or pipe, it leaves a buttery mouthfeel, and the exhale smoke has cocoa flavor.

Users feel euphoric, energetic and even hungry. In the first stage of using it, the brain works rapidly, so it’s good for brainstorming or analytical tasks. Relaxation occurs after an hour, so listening to soft music can go along with it.

Medical Benefits of Belladonna

People who suffer from stress, fatigue, insomnia, and depression can find benefits from this strain. It can alleviate minor aches and pain. It can also repair nerve damage.

Negative Effects of Belladonna

Some users may experience dizziness or paranoia. Then their eyes and mouth begin to dry. Every user will likely acquire the cottonmouth feel. Some users might experience anxiety.

Growing Belladonna

This is a favorite among growers and beginners can start planting with this type. It can grow fast as this attribute is from the Indica genes. It can stand the outdoor environment, and it’s because of the tough nature of Sativa. It can adapt to various climates, but it has massive yield when it’s planted in warm places.

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