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Bella Ortega

Bella Ortega

The sample of this pure Indica from Mazar I Sharif, Afghanistan was given to Nevil Schoenmakers who is from The Seed Bank. He then refined this strain. It is now from Cannabella SC. This hybrid strain is more than 40 years old but still, its vitality remains.

It is not related to Northern Lights as it is a Maple Leaf Indica Afghani. It is a very resinous marijuana plant so it’s ideal for hash production and dry sifted flavor. It has hashish aroma with tones of fruity grape and grapefruit. It is great for evening consumption.

Flavor and Effects of Bella Ortega

The flavor of this strain fits the description of sweet, earthy and hashy. It brings numbing high that can relax your whole body and even your mind. It can put its consumers in sedation. You can prepare munchies on your side as hunger will set in. It will give you a drowsy finish.

Medical Benefits of Bella Ortega

It can subdue pain that can be temporary or chronic like nerve pain, spasm, tension and more. It is also made as a treatment for appetite loss. It makes it easier for individuals who struggle with insomnia to get enough sleep easily.

Negative Effects of Bella Ortega

Dry mouth and red, itchy eyes are minor side effects from this strain. You can combat them by hydrating yourself.

Growing Bella Ortega

It is advisable to grow this marijuana plant indoors. You can use a growing medium like coco coir or have it in a hydroponic system. You have to get a reliable ventilation and lighting system that consists of LED lights. You’ll have to pay attention to the amount of water and nutrients.