Bedford Glue

This is a hybrid strain that is equally composed of half Indica and half Sativa. Gorilla Glue #1 worked with Highwayman to create it. This is the right choice if you’re looking for THC content that’s more than 20%. Although it has a heady strain, it has faint effects on the physique.

It’s on the top of being a provider of robust potency. It endows the user stimulating alertness.

Flavor and Effects of Bedford Blue

The flavor of this strain, along with its aroma, is both enticing. The blend of earth, sage, and berries is pleasing to the senses. Some may recognize the hint of pine and pepper in it.

It makes someone giggly and in high spirits. The user will feel relaxed and in a good mood without disrupting the level of one’s functionality.

Medical Benefits of Bedford Blue

It can treat inflammation, muscle spasms, eye pressure seizures, and pain. Headaches can be dismissed by this strain. Some people used this to enhance their appetite.

Negative Effects of Bedford Blue

It has the aftereffect of having a dry mouth. Users can combat this common side effect by drinking a lot of water. It might also cause paranoia to some. It can worsen insomnia and anxiety.

Growing Bedford Blue

Growers must know about the annual life cycle of this herb. The fruiting time takes place around late summer or generally, during fall. Bumblebees and wind are the ones responsible for its flowering time. It can stand the full heat of the sun, and it prefers moderate provision of water. It can be planted in 3-gallon containers or bigger.

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