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Beastmode 2.0

It is a hybrid strain that is developed by Grass Roots Pharm, and the sole distribution is given to Green Umbrella, a Seattle-based company. It is a cross between White Fire OG and Master Kush. Some may distinguish this strain from the name Blue Fire OG. It is an earthy bud with a high CBD level. It is popular in the recreational market and medical Cannabis society as it works best in helping overcome pain and st

Flavor and Effects of Beastmode 2.0

It has a favorable complex mix of flavors, which are lime with added sweetness. The exhale is more woody and earthy, mingled with berry undertones. The high starts behind the head, and it goes all over the body to impart relaxation. It absorbs any pain.

 Medical Benefits of Beastmode 2.0

It is commonly given to patients who suffer from pain due to injury or illnesses like joint pain and muscle spasms. It takes down symptoms of stress or any tension and replaces them with a relaxed feeling. It can stimulate hunger, so people who have appetite loss can go back to a normal, healthy diet.

 Negative Effects of Beastmode 2.0

The side effects of this strain are dry mouth, irritated eyes, and dizziness. But it has a lesser manifestation of these negative effects compared to other strains.

 Growing Beastmode 2.0

Growers love growing this strain as it doesn’t demand a lot. It’s an easy process that even beginners can do it. It only needs to be kept dry and warm, just like its preferred climate. To have a good harvest, it’s best that you can control the lighting, temperature, and humidity.

Best Place To Buy Beastmode 2.0

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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