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BCN Haze

BCN Haze

BCN Haze is a crossbreed of Super Haze and Skunk, which allows a remarkable faster flowering time period and abundant production. It is sativa dominant strain with a citrus blend aroma and taste, significantly captivating for a wide variety of users.

Users may display immediate, powerful mental high effects and rush upon consumption. You are then left with the ultimate relaxation of your lifetime and superb smoking experience.

Flavor and Effects of BCN Haze

It has a pleasant citrus scent and tastes attractive to most users. After consumption, the users may display pleasant effects on the mind and body, such as happiness, euphoria, uplifted, energetic, and ultimate relaxation.

Medical Benefits of BCN Haze

The strain is medically beneficial to some conditions like reducing stress, anxiety, depression, relief from chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of BCN Haze

The regular users of BCN Haze may show common adverse effects after consumption, such as dry mouth and eyes. The users can also display a manifestation of slight paranoid effects accompanied by minor anxiousness and headaches.

Growing BCN Haze

The BCN Haze has the best selection of blend from two strains, which increases its flowering period and high yielding production. For cultivation, it is proven reliable growing in different environments. This may require to be exposed at a warm temperature of about 400-600 watts lamp for indoors or natural sunlight for outdoor growing. With proper growing requirements and enough nutrients and water, this strain can grow increasingly within a short period of time and grows about 170-200 cm.