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BCN Critical XXL Fast

BCN Critical XXL Fast

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BCN Critical XXL Fast is a feminized hybrid strain of balanced indica and sativa. It has the similar genetic makeup of BCN Critical XXL, which are Kritikal Bilbo, Critical Plus, and Critical Mass. However, the effect is faster than BCN Critical XXL, making it known for its speed and consistency. It has a fresh and citrus flavor and aroma that makes it fascinating to smoke.

The strain’s THC level reaches up to 23% giving your mind a mental journey with its wild and long-lasting effects. This strain is favorable for beginner growers who don’t have excessive knowledge because it’s easy to handle.

Flavor and Effects of BCN Critical XXL Fast

BCN Critical XXL Fast has a citrus and earthy aroma and lemon, and spicy flavors that give sensation on each puff. It provides similar feelings of relaxation, happiness, sleepiness, and euphoria with the BCN Critical XXL, but faster in taking effect. You may experience an extreme mental journey once puffed.

Medical Benefits of BCN Critical XXL Fast

This strain is excellent in relieving symptoms of insomnia, stress, and depression and helps to treat pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of BCN Critical XXL Fast

Regular users may experience dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiousness after consumption.

Growing BCN Critical XXL Fast

It is important to note that BCN Critical XXL Fast has a great foul odor, and the installation of an odor system is a must if you happen to grow it indoors to minimize odor.

For outdoors, it is best to grow in a Mediterranean climate. This strain enjoys sunny hours and grows at a faster speed. It also has excellent resistance with pests, but protect the buds from fungus because it attracts them fairly. Be sure to provide plenty of room for it to grow and follow growing requirements to yield a favorable harvest.

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