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BC Mango

BC Mango

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BC Mango cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is relatively thick and generates beautiful buds covered with frost. It produces very minimal scent and thrives into a reasonably robust structure with an enormous prominent cola with little branches on the side. It has won as one of the Top 10 Strain of the Year awarded by High Times in the year 2009.

Flavor and Effects of BC Mango

The BC Mango has a fresh fruity scent with a powerful and unique taste of mango. It is remarkable for users with a sweet tooth. The cannabis strain has a kind of high that will cover you in an extravagant peace and relaxation all over your body. It comes along with a tiny portion of giddiness to conserve you up while the body remains tight in the state of calmness.

Medical Benefits of BC Mango

In the medical field, the BC Mango can be beneficial for people suffering from depression. It could also help someone with problems in sleeping and could elevate cravings for food for those who have lost appetite. This strain is great for pain management and relief. Furthermore, the effects when ingested can be a treatment for people diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Negative Effects of BC Mango

As expected, the strain could make your mouth and eyes feel dry. A drink of one or two could maintain the hydration inside your body while doing the hits with the strain. The worst thing that could happen is the occurrence of anxiety and paranoia when consumed at a large dosage.

Growing BC Mango

The Canadian and Dutch genetics variety made an outstanding cannabis strain that can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It thrives enormous prominent cola with fewer branches on the side. It possesses a decent scent while the cultivation process in progress, leading to a fine growing choice.

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