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BC kush

BC Kush

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BC Kush is a hybrid of indica and sativa strain that primarily lean on indica genetics. The BC Bud Depot created a strain in which the origin is said to be unknown. Yet the strain is popular British Columbia strain among kush strain. The BC Kush is known to be the strongest quality in the present time.

Flavor and Effects of BC Kush

The terpenes of the strain deliver a great variety of flavors and well-blended taste. The strain produces an earthy and skunk scent with a grape taste. Along with its amazing terpene profile, the strain can give you effects that are high at lead you to a euphoric state. It can as well provide relaxation of the body and induce sleepiness and calmness along the way.

Medical Benefits of BC Kush

The BC Kush strain can provide relief from all the discomforts you are feeling every day. This strain can give you help in managing your pain in the body, especially in your back. The stress and fatigue will be swift aways in no time.

Negative Effects of BC Kush

Along with its medical benefits, the strain can give you side effects as well. These include drying of the mouth and a slight feeling of itchiness on the eyes. The strain can induce sleepiness thus may trigger lazy and dry eyes.

Growing BC Kush

The strain, BC Kush can be cultivated either indoor or outdoor cultivation. The plant is easy to manage and may develop into medium-sized plants. The smell of the strain may cause unfavorable stink so you are required to build an odor system to avoid getting your neighbors disturbed.

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