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BC Gold

BC Gold

BC Gold strain is an indica dominant hybrid from the combination of Afghani and Santa Marta Colombian Gold strains. The genetic parents of BC Gold particularly the Afghani is known globally and considered a legend in the cannabis industry. It produces an enormous resin which passed through BC Gold. The Santa Marta Colombian Gold has resistance to mildew which is now one of the characteristics of BC Gold.

Flavor and Effects of BC Gold

BC Gold’s pungent scent stands in stark distinction with conventional cannabis strains ‘ pleasant flowery and fruity-like smells. Afghani scents delicious, somewhat herb-like and earthy.

It can give off an uplifting feeling and enhances your creativity once consumed. Apart from these, it also provides your cognitive satisfying high.

Medical Benefits of BC Gold

Most frequently, patients switch to this powerful indica to treat sleeplessness, discomfort, and tension illnesses. The cannabis strain seems to be wonderful to treat muscle spasms, soreness, and depressive symptoms. It could also be used to treat ADHD, anxiousness, Post-traumatic stress disorder as well as other difficulties linked to mental wellness. You can always use the cannabis Sativa hybrid of the strain to remain focused under strong medication drugs.

Negative Effects of BC Gold

It has a usual adverse reaction when consumed as compared to most strains of cannabis. It can cause dryness of the mouth and eyes. It also may trigger mild anxiousness when ingested at a high dosage.

Growing BC Gold

It’s a great strain for inexperienced growers, professionals and everybody in particular. The plants will also be remarkably uniform when they are cultivated from seed, as though the plant were raised from clippings. Inside, the strain can be cultivated at an optimal level when using the Sea of Green method.

Small, branchy, and easy to maintain throughout cultivation. It is difficult to go bad with these genes. The specifications for nutrients are limited and that most cultivators consider BC Gold throughout the growing room to become a real reward.

Short, branchy, and low maintenance; it’s hard to go wrong with such genetics in the grow op. Fertilizer requirements are minimal and most growers find BC Gold to be a genuine treat in the grow tent. Outdoor cultivation could be sustainable for this strain as it has resistance to molds.